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The Top 5 Most Liberal News Commentators

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    There’s one thing that the drive-by media is good for, bias. You can find a large amount of liberally bias anchors on almost every news channel. Fox News is attacked by the far left because they aren’t blatantly liberal. If you are not severely liberal you are called bias by the left. Interesting. The following liberal anchors/personalities have made it their mission to throw partisan politics out the window. They fight in the name of liberalism at all costs. The list is of current anchors only.

    5. Brian Williams is the kind of guy that inspired me to write “Lessons in Liberalism.” His complete disregard for facts have won him a place in this list. What kind of stuff? Williams has likened our founding fathers to terrorists, “..the first several U.S. Presidents were certainly revolutionaries and might have been called ‘terrorists’ at the time by the British crown after all.” I’m sure he has made the liberal gods proud.

    4. Jon Stewart is a funny guy, I’ll give him that. The problem with Jon is not his humor. It’s his inability to see things without his smug attitude and large dose of liberal bias. The Onion is funny because you know it’s just a huge joke. Jon Stewart is a joke but for some reason people take his stories as serious news. If you’re looking for news that degrades Americans and makes a point to criticize anyone to the right then this show is for you. If you want some serious news you’re not going to find any on Comedy Central.

    3. Alan Colmes is the nerdy, quiet sidekick of Sean Hannity. Even though he is liberal, the most proud I’ve ever seen, he is just a sidekick due to the fact that he sits around and takes the scraps that Sean allows him during the show. Have you ever watched the show? It’s very clear who the star is here. Alan is like the token liberal on Fox and he does a good job of being a bad one. While Alan is a giddy little liberal and every once and awhile gets a good word in it’s funny to watch him sit at Sean Hannity’s feet like a lap dog.

    2. Chris Matthews is one of the liberals that have been comfortable with telling the world how much they love Obama. Matthews decided during the primaries that he needed to attack Clinton throughout the process and get feminist group on his back. It’s so bad for Matthews that liberal attack machine Media Matters “monitors” his every move. Funny. The liberal bias towards Republican candidates is nothing new. Chris Matthews was one of the many anchors showing bias towards one of their one, Hillary Clinton. Surprisingly, Fox News was very fair to Clinton throughout and she had admitted that herself.

    1. Keith Olbermann is the upmost bias personality on television today. He is the equivilant of Rush Limbaugh without the charisma–he has the passion but not the class. Watching his show “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” gives you the impression that he is more obsessed with his voice than the average man.He screams the entire time and speaks with an arragonce that makes you realize how much of a baffoon he really is. I’ts clear that his show’s only goal is to be the liberal top dog in the shadow of Bill O’Reilly. The anger may be nothing more than jealousy. August 15th ratings, according to Tv by the numbers show Bill beating Keith 1.8 million to 940,000. Keep screamin Keith, it’s obviously working out for you.

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Last Updated: August 19th, 2008