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Friday July 23rd 2010

Confirming the gobsmackingly obvious

The media is filled with left-wing activists.

The race card is the first and last refuge of liberal scoundrels.

The race-card playing liberals in the media tried their best to whitewash Barack Obama’s radical ties to Jeremiah Wright and other race demagogues.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, but it’s always useful to see all the plotting and evidence in writing.

The Daily Caller has the goods on the so-called “JournoList” missives that expose how liberal bloggers and “mainstream” journalists schemed to smear conservatives and any other Obama doubters who raised questions about Wright.


Ed Driscoll has a useful video flashback. (h/t: Ed Morrissey at Hot Air)

 Confirming the gobsmackingly obvious

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Confirming the gobsmackingly obvious

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